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Why does the eyeball scream? Also, why is that dude crying in the bathroom?


I'm a wimp....


I really enjoyed this short horror game! It was a littlest quite but I didn't mind at all! Great job! 

i got stuck in the bathrooms didnt know what to do :P

it’s because you got turned around and went the wrong way when you left the bathroom. Glad you enjoyed it though! :)

Gave it a go...

This game has been featured in my 3 Random Games video as the 2nd game I play.

I think the game ok, or better yet good, but there were a few jumpscares that just put me off. You don't scare someone with just jumpscares, unless they make sense like a light breaking and ending your situation in darkness.

Overall, I think the game is pretty creepy but it's not really enough to get people or myself immersed properly. I liked the fact that the environment is inspired by Amnesia, that's a plus!

Here's my video:

This game scared the hell out of me a few times. Really great for a blind letsplay!!!

Greetings from Germany! Great game, it really reminded me of the old indie horror time back in 2012 and 2013, it gave me some kind of nostalgic feeling. The atmosphere was great, I just had the feeling the jumpscares were a bit to random (but I guess that's how they were in 2012) but overall it was a really spooky game. :)

Gonna start this review off by saying that I TOTALLY thought it was a parody, like, the entire time I was playing it. I guess I should start reading descriptions on download pages! Anywho, the atmosphere was pretty spooky and the jump scares definitely got me! It definitely gave off P.T. and Amnesia vibes, thought I'm sure you get that a lot. It would've been cool if there were more branch-offs like the bathroom event. It sort of felt lacking a bit on secrets and side-content. Otherwise it was great! The endings were pretty solid and summed up the idea of the game pretty well! Thanks for making this!

After the parody games I would think about what an original game by you would be, and this was very well done. Hints of PT and Amnesia pepper the hallways, and even the stationary set pieces managed to scare me. Well done dude.

An all around ok game. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad.

Great short horror game it was very scary.

Interesting game as your always just walking into darkness so never knowing what will 'pop out' at you. I'd really take out the eyeballs as they were just not scary and spoiled the atmosphere at the start of the game. It ran very nicely and had some great moments...