A downloadable Fnaf fan game for Windows

I felt like putting this game on itch.io as well as gamejolt. Dont ask why, i just felt like it! Check out the original gamejolt page Here!

A FNaF-inspired story
Freeroam around a FNaF dinner
Play as Freddy fazbear

This game should be able to run on most windows computers.
If your experiencing lag go to the settings menu and change the game speed and/or resolution, putting the game in windowed mode also should help

This game is made in Terror Engine, a simple horror game making software.
Terror Engine was created by Zeoworks.
Assets used in game are from Zeoworks or the Five Nights at Freddy's games.
NPCs made by Santikun.
NPC models by I6NIS.
This is my first ever game. Constructive criticism is welcome but any hate regarding what engine I'm using (at the moment) or the FNaF franchise will not be tolerated.

Install instructions

Unlike the gamejolt files (Which are .zip files)  these are packaged in a .rar file.

You will need a rar file opener or the itch.io desktop aplication


Old_Memories_game 295 MB
Old_Memories_Bonus_Content 287 MB

Development log


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