A downloadable Parody game for Windows

Disclaimer: This is an outlast parody! I made this game in 3 days!

You are a reporter, you have been tasked with investigating the old, abandoned and scary mental asylum in the middle of the woods. It seems simple at first but, no one said you would be the only one there...
This game is made in Terror Engine, a simple horror game making software.

Terror Engine was created by Zeoworks.

Assets used in game are from Zeoworks.

I made this game because i wanted to, please don't hate me!

Install instructions

You will need a .rar file opener to play the game! I hope you enjoy this short game! :)


OutStand (32bit).rar 242 MB

Development log


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Mystery382 Solved the case and won the Game

Great game its nice and simple the robot voice was really funny and the jumpscare got me i like the monster having a set path and overall very funny and good. Btw this was recorded like a month ago so that is why there is the blue screen glitch.

the blue screen is an unfixable bug, thankfully it is uncommon. But thanks for playing and enjoying! :)

Hey Deerpy i played your 100% original horror game on my channel before and saw this and i had to play it, it was a great experience overall, for a game made in three days, would have loved to see a longer product! i really enjoy your games, hopefully you can give this one a watch too 

thanks for the game, had a ton of fun with it!

not sure whats going on with this, I wandered around so much me and the evil thing became friends and then strangers in passing. It was quite upsetting when he stopped paying attention to me 

that is because he follows a set path. If you want to know what to do, find and collect all the keys.

Made a video 

Really captured the greenness of Outlast, though I had a hell of a time noticing the key on the table and thought it had to do with the CD and floppy disk.

Thanks for making it.

 I would update somethings the game (Like that hard to see key) but i think i am going to leave it as it is though. Glad you liked it though! :)

Petite vidéo sur le jeu ;) 

Glad you liked it! :)

I really enjoyed this scary and funny nice homeage to outlast the darkness and the monsters speed made it quite a nice challenge

This guy is suppose to be blind with no legs. I get that his sense of hearing is probably better due to lack of sight but, come on his arms are crazy fast! Like I think Usain Bolt would lose to this guy as, he is super fast!

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after losing his legs he started doing arm exercises :)

OUTLAST 3?! | Outstand Full Gameplay Walkthrough
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I’m sorry that your gameplay was slightly ruined by the graphics. I think it is a glitch with Terror Engine, so unfortunately I can’t do anything about it, thankfully it is rare, if you tried the game again I think it would show up as normal. I’m  glad that you looked past that and enjoyed the game! :)


Okay, so first of all, I was actually confused whether you were being serious or sarcastic about the whole 'not an Outlast parody' thing, so I just went along with it as sarcasm? ANYWHO, the game was pretty simple. I like the use of the Terror Engine! I haven't seen that used in a while! The jump scare DEFINITELY got me, though the atmosphere wasn't really THAT scary. The enemy was pretty predictable and easy to handle once you got used to him and figured out his hit box. I did love the voice acting. It's always hilarious to hear the robot voice in a game xD. I think you did a good job of luring the player into a false sense of ease and comfort with the atmosphere of it being sort of a joke at first. With the 'definitely NOT a parody' and the robot voice thing. THEN the jumpscare hits 'em and POW! Terrified. Thanks for making this and suggesting it! :D

PS: I just saw on the Itchio description that it is, in fact, an Outlast parody. I don't feel bad now xD

I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)


After you get in the building, its a little light once you walk either left or right, even with night vision you can see anything.

Ok, I might brighten it up a little. Thanks for telling me! :)

I have brightened it up, you should be able to see now! :)