A downloadable slonder sequel for Windows

Slonderman 2 is the sequel to Slonderman - A slenderman parody. 

Slonderman 2 takes what made the original so go- i mean bad, and adds more to it.

Slonderman 2-OK! Enough of this! Too the story section of the description!!!

Ok, um...

You were somehow transported to Slonderman's homeworld and in order to escape, you must collect all his fan art. Yep. A game by Deerpyboi

Voice Acting by Apollo SFM

Music by Flying Orion

Artwork by Deerpyboi, Ketchup Warrior and Moolight


Slonderman 2 355 MB
slonderman 2 wallpaper pack 282 kB

Development log


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my boy Slonder is back with some more fan art! This was entertaining but I couldn't find all his drawings hahaha! 

your game is so boring


Derpy you know i had to come back after i played your other games! i sucked at this one tho lol 


I think you have already figured this out but, Slonderman 2 isn’t a walk in the forest! ;) It is beatable though, you just need to keep trying and not give up! :)


I'm definitely gonna have to try again lol can't leave this game unbeaten 


Again dude, good job!
This game is a worthy sequel to the original Slonderman. The one liners and the intro was funny! Slonderman is now more challenging to avoid, since he always chases you down, a mechanic that makes the game extra challenging. The fact that the fan-art is more spread out is adding to the challenge factor as well. Ohh and not to mention the ending. I'm not going to spoil it, but it really got me. xD
I definitely didn't expect it to end like that! :P
Looking forward to your next game!!


legit 10/10