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10/10 gets me horny

This was a lot of fun in a weird way! took me forever to do things but i'm an idiot so that was to be expected

this game is so fun!!!! it looks legit and has good graphics!!!!

this game is so fun!!!! it looks legit and has good graphics!!!!


i was sent here from watching markiplier play this and i intend to enjoy this game


this game is awesome XD

I played it and then wondered why.


The game isn't really that great. Instead of a scary Slenderman environment it's just a big open area with like only 10 trees and the pages are on the floor instead of a tree or something and the pages are illuminated making the game SO easy to do. Literally all I have to do is sprint without stopping to avoid slenderman while taking the cleary in the open pages.

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this wasn't supposed to be a good game, heck, it wasn't even supposed to be difficult. Thanks for taking the time to comment your thoughts, I appreciate it! :)

Also, It's Slonderman, A 100% original character that definitely isn't a parody of slenderman. ; )

thats the fucking point of it exsisting, its made to be shit

Boi I dunno what this was but I laughed way too  much, had fun! 


This game is much scarier than Baldi's Basic In Education N Lerning.

BTW the Slonderman is a nice name!

Baldi's Basics was never meant to be a very scary game,  and honestly, Slonderman was only supposed to be mildly scary (at best). 

Thanks for the comment though! :) And I'm glad you liked the name!

This game also very dank. I hope this game would be a nice memes that could attract more people playing.


the only way this could be better would be if you made slondy t pose at you to show dominance 

I will think about it, thanks for the suggestion! :)




Shoulda called it Skinnyboi


Hahaha! Slonderman really loves his fanart! This was entertaining! 


10/10 game graphics 


This was a very cool slender parody game! :D 

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btw i made game check it out here link:

My game is not even nearly as good as yours


is it actually multiplayer?



Well this was awful


Haha, great nostalgic throwback and parody. Loved the introductory scene.

Gave it a go...


I certainly did the thing.

Multiplayer? Nice.

couldent work it it kept saying would you like to  open the microsoft store wrong folder type for windows 10 lenovo someone reply to help


I think it is because you need a .rar file extractor, like winRAR or RAR Knife opener

Thank you man!


Loved it, loved how silly it was and how easy it was while still having a constant threat. Thanks a lot Deerpy.


I definitely couldn't make something like this in 5 days! It's simple, but I think that's the charm about it :)


Yet another awesome parody game, man! I don’t see many developers using the terror engine very often anymore, so that was pretty cool to see. It felt really reminiscent of older horror games to me. It would’ve been cool if the light from each page would disappear upon grabbing the fan-art. I kept going to spots that I had already gotten. Thanks for making this!


Slightly different to the norm I would say but its a good way to try out new things and development with a slender style game.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


Slonderman is a tidy little parody, it runs smoothly and the mechanics are easy to grasp, dash and grab.

It's obviously not as scary as the original but it did give me a couple jumps and plenty of laughs.

Plus it's an easy win, so if you've had a tough day and fancy feeling like a winner give it a go and keep run held down :D.

There are two E's in my name! xD

Anyhoo, glad you had fun with this little game! :)

Bugger, sorry mate, I'll do better next time I promise 😭😭

its fine,  honestly! I'm just glad you enjoyed the game. :)


Pretty sure this was the best intro to a game I've ever played. 10/10 would stay over at Slonderman's house again. 

The camera shake made my eyes do funky things, and now We Will Rock You is stuck in my head thanks to the step sounds.

Really fun and goofy game!!!


I mean

This was just made as a joke. Still, thanks for playing it I guess? My next game will hopefully be better than this, hopefully...

Well i love joke horror games. However, it seems like you gave up after the 2 second mark. The cutscene was funny, but you stopped after that. It just became a waste of time. You could have at least used actual fanart as the notes and maybe had him reference each one. For example, you could have him talk about a piece of fan-fiction in embarrassment. Or break the fourth wall and talk about the fact that the notes are glowing. 

I just feel like if you're going to make a "joke" game, don't make it a waste of time. I don't want to discourage anyone, it just looks like it could have been better.

yeah. Thanks for the criticism! :)


Хорошая игра ) Сцена с падением с вертолёта вообще шедевр ;) 


Great game i thought it was really funny and i enjoied the soundtrack the game is overall really good but sadly i skipped the cutscene.




lol, that was the idea!


Loved it a nice homeage to slenderman brings back memories a great parody hope you do more parodys and yes epic cutscene




You could try my Outlast parody if you wanted.

im on it


I really enjoyed the whole parody around Slender, a game that is a meme nowadays. The game pretty much plays like the original game, with the twist that the pages are fan art of slonderman . The intro was hilarious, it got me really good, I didn't expect it. Graphics wise, the glitchy effect and the low draw distance works pretty good for the purpose of the game. So yeah it is a pretty good game for a laugh, good job! 

Glad you had fun with it! I also noticed you had the 3D  Glasses effect on, which was why it was red and blue and whatnot.

Oh that explains the red/blue effect xD
I actually really liked the way it looked, even though I didn't realize I had left the 3D Glasses effect on in the option menu :P


I Enjoyed Playing This Game...My Favorite Part Was The Cutscene...Absolutely Hilarious

There is supposed to be a gray filter and limited vision. I think it has something to do with a unfixible rare bug in the game, as there was a similar issue with my other parody game, where instead of a green nightvision camera it would be blue.

Regardless, glad you had fun with this small game! :)