Huge Announcement

Heya! I don’t normally do these sorts of things but I felt it was necessary. 
If you don’t already know, OMR ( a fnaf fan game I was working on) is cancelled and I plan to get rid of Terror Engine for good at the start (or maybe during) my summer holidays. However, I do have some exiting announcements to make.
I plan to work on a few small projects before abandoning TE. 
1: Slonderman Update 2
This will basically be a more polished, humorous update to Slonderman. I will explain all the changes in a future post, but I will keep the original build up alongside it!
2: Slonderman 2
I haven’t began work on this game yet, but I do have some ideas on how it will turn out, so be excited for that! I promise, that it will be just as good (maybe even better) than Slonderman 1.
3: G.U
What is G.U? I hear you ask, well, I’m not going to say much about it. All I will say is, I have began working on it, and whilst it is inspired by another horror game, IT WONT BE A JOKE GAME. I have decently sized plans for this game.
So yeah, that’s what’s going on as far as game development is concerned! 
I hope your as exited as I am for these games! :)

Get Slonderman - A Slenderman Parody


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Guess What! Cat Sar-Gent will beat slonderman again