A downloadable Stupid Game for Windows

So this is a thing. Yeah. I made this over the course of idwc (Idunnowasn'tcounting) days. It's kinnda a remake of Slonderman, but at the same time, it isn't. Yeah.


Whoops! You find yourself in The Slonder Forest! You must escape by collecting 8 pages! If not, then you die!


Game by Deerpyboi

Music/voices from the darkest corners of the web

Artwork by Deerpyboi, Ketchup Warrior and Moolight


The Slonderman (32bit).rar 373 MB


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Weird, fun, and enjoyable, what else should I expect from you Deerpy! Had some fun glitching up the trees and that ending. Can't wait to see what you do outside of the Terror Engine!

Played it as part of 3 random horror games, gameplay is at 17:10


This was pretty entertaining so i threw it into an indie romp hope you enjoy :)


A fun little game, actually managed to make me laugh there at the end, did not expect that. For what it is, really enjoyable, great job :D


oml this is great lol but it was pretty easy i died one time and then i broke his ankles

i got all seven notes and the end was funny


Dude that was fun! 10/10 F*** Slenderman, Slonderman is where its at :)


Interesting game. I managed to get him stuck on one of the flaming...thingys. 


I totally loved it!



Really DANK game! It really bringed me some nostalgia factor with slondy ove here!Keep up the good work!

Developer I want to give review of your guys game!! I try to use converter to use the file but!! I couldn't download the zip file. Can you change this game file from rar to zip.

Sorry to hear your having trouble with extracting the file. You can try downloading a rar file converter like

RAR File Open Knife. It's completely free and will allow you to extract the file. Hope this helps! 


I'd reccomend 7zip, it's free and reliable


Well that was an interesting experience, and a very different ending :P

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