A downloadable Fnaf fan game for Windows

Wasted Glory is an old-fashioned fnaf fan game that follows the traditional five nights gameplay with freeroam mechanics. 

As this is an old fashioned fnaf fan game the models and graphics are older as to give an older feeling to the game.

  • A fully explorable Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!
  • Five main nights!
  • Old fashioned Graphics and Models!

Made in Terror Engine

Terror Engine created by Zeoworks

Voice Acting by Melo Ant

Sounds from freesounds.org

Sound by Juliet Clark, Bassmonley91, Hencocor and theblockofsound235

Music by Phan_K_Games

Animatronic Models by i6nis

Created by Deerpyboi


Wasted Glory (64bit).zip 459 MB

Development log


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it never works for me.

When can I play it on ios


the game was great it reminded me of another fanf fan game i played a while back 


These games are too tedious for me, I can never last the full night and then get annoyed and scared at the same time :'( Very good game and take on FNAF!

Wasted Glory

Played your game in an indie romp video, Hope you enjoy

yours is the first game!


I love this game/ Not gonna lie though I was terrified to play this but Im glad I did.


Check out my 3 random games video!


Es divertido


Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing this game , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) 

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This was my first time playing a First Person perspective FNAF game.

Im going to break it up into episodes.

Thanks for the fun

Wait, you never heard of Joy of Creation???

Its a very good fangame with a perspective like Slender Man: The Eight Pages

Oh of course I've heard if them, I have just never actually played them.

Oh k