A downloadable Fnaf fan game demo for Windows


Wasted Glory: Into The Past is an old-fashioned fnaf fan game that follows the traditional five nights gameplay with freeroam mechanics. In addition to the main game, there will be a separate build that contains multiple Challenge modes!
As this is an old fashioned fnaf fan game the models and graphics are older as to give an older feeling to the game.


  • A fully explorable Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!
  • Five main nights!
  • Old fashioned Graphics and Models!
  • A separate Nightmare Mode with multiple challenges such as Endless Mode, Lights Out Mode and more!


Wasted Glory: Into The Past is being made in Terror Engine
Terror Engine was created by Zeoworks

Sounds from freesounds.org by users Juliet Clark, Bassmonkey91, Hencocor and Theblockofsound235

Voice acting by Melo Ant

Game created by Deerpyboi

Music by PhankGames/BombFuse
NPC models by i6nis


WG_Demo (64bit).zip 427 MB

Development log


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SKIP TO 15:44!!!


Nice game Night 1 is pretty easy but Night 2.......Go watch the video at your own risk :((( 4/5